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Hanauer Strategies LLC was created by founder Jim Hanauer to help organizations better understand their data, digital strategy, and efficiencies/deficiencies in an effort to generate more revenue. Hanauer spent 7+ years with Ole Miss Athletics in a variety of revenue generating roles and in 2015 was the first person in the college athletics to hold the title “Assistant AD for Digital Strategy and Analytics” bridging the strategic gap between marketing, ticket office and development teams. Now Hanauer Strategies LLC provides the same strategy, assistance and collaboration as if you had an Assistant AD for Digital Strategy and Analytics on your staff for a fraction of the cost.



Helping organizations understand their data, the use cases, and how to build strategy around the various data systems they employ.

  • Analytics
  • Modeling
  • Strategy
  • Personalization
  • Discovery
  • Visualization

Connecting the dots between the data and digital world to create efficiencies, optimize results, and increase conversions.

  • Analytics
  • Websites
  • Social Media
  • Optimization
  • Conversions
  • Scheduling

Charting the course and developing a road map for any organization or department to generate results and increase productivity.

  • Audit
  • Internal & External Processes
  • Long & Short Term
  • Road-maps
  • Planning
  • Oversight


Texas Athletics
Longhorn Foundation

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