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The 3 Stages of Data Strategy

By May 31, 2018 No Comments

Had an awesome time sharing industry insights with Lenny Goh of Tradable Bits and Alex Abrams of SSB. We covered the ‘3 Stages of Data Strategy: Left + Right Brain Perspectives.’

Its a really interesting concept covering a great way to approach data strategy centered around 3 core processes: Discovery, Visualization, and Activation.


In the discovery stage, you are presented with a problem, a question, or are just trying to gain insight into a particular event. You have to figure out what data you have to understand it or what data you may need to go get in order to fully answer the question. Additionally, what tools or systems will I need in order to be successful.


Now you have the data and tools you need in order to analyze and be successful it is now time to visualize your findings in a way that makes sense. Athletic Directors, CEOs, Sr. level administrators don’t have time to shift through excel sheets and analyze the data themselves, so it’s important to make the data come to life with a visualization. The visualization should tell a story, and go beyond the original question in order to paint the entire picture.


We’ve now discovered the data, interpreted it and visualized our findings to understand our problem, question or event better. The final stage is now activating that data in a variety of ways in order to achieve business goals. Maybe it’s understanding gameday better and findings ways to make a better experience for our fans. Maybe it’s understanding purchase behaviors and setting up marketing automation to fire when needed. The possibilities are endless but this is the crucial stage making our data work for us.

Check out the full webinar by clicking here, or take a look at the presentation deck here.

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