Hanauer Strategies Fundraising Models

Three dynamic scores that will change the way you fundraise.

Likelihood to Make a Gift

Our models predict on a 0-100% scale the exact likelihood a donor will make a gift directed at the target outcome (annual giving, major giving, etc.). These scores can then be simplified into a 1-5 to help you build strategy around the donors that showcase the highest likelihood to make a gift.

Capacity Scoring

Our models predict a capacity dollar amount that we would expect that person to be able to give, based on your own 1st party data¬†instead of relying on 3rd party data. Our models look at the behaviors and trends of all your donors to identify the important factors over time that go into someone’s total gift capacity.

Predicted Gift Amount

Our models then are able to take into consideration the likelihood someone will make a gift, and their overall gift capacity to deliver an exact predicted gift amount down to the exact cent that we would expect a donor to be able to contribute.


Identify the donors who are most likely to make a gift and build smart strategy around your highest rated donors.


Qualify your entire database to identify the donors that have the highest capacity rating to transform your organization.


Evaluate your current prospect lists to make sure you are targeting the right donors at the right time.


Smart segment your marketing efforts based on behaviors in order to see the highest ROI on your efforts.

New Donors

Identify potential donors in your database that are not currently giving but showcase a high likelihood to make a gift.

Diamond in the Rough

Find the people you don’t know about, and don’t have the time to find. Who knows, they could be the next $1M donor.

Case Study #1

One of the schools using these models, has seen the following success over 4 years

+ Total Giving
+ Total Donors
+ Major Gift $
+ Total Major Gifts

Case Study #2

Developing Major Gift Pipeline

Client X was looking to identify major giving prospects to make gifts towards their capital campaign. They had self-identified a list of roughly 300 prospects they planned to target. After running our major gift models, we identified 112 prospects not on their list and were able to eliminate 80 prospects from their lists. Through this work, we were able to hyper focus their efforts on the right donors at the right time.

Client names not highlighted due to non-disclosure agreements

Why us

Models that fit your needs

  • Highly customized and tailored to your data
  • Data & system agnostic
  • Built by fundraisers for fundraisers
  • We deliver models & implementation strategy
  • Quarterly check-ins included
  • Transparent on model’s accuracy & findings
  • Not reliant on 3rd party data
  • Documentation provided with scores
  • Quick turnaround once data received
  • Identify the key indicators of giving

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